Eye Protection

The Force360 point of difference in Eyewear is compelling.

In today's market, there is a myriad of safety spectacles and brands to choose from. This seemingly endless array with similar choices and little or no point of difference has been the catalyst for Force360 to search the world for innovative ‘first ever’ features for its safety eyewear and add them to their Force Performance Range (FPR) of products.

Force360 further realized that comfort has shown to be the key factor in the regular and continued use of safety eyewear. Raising the bar on comfort will definitely result in increased wearer compliance.

Force360 has launched 3 patented world-first products. All with technological features that take safety eyewear to new levels in design and comfort.

The Force360 Air is the Worlds Lightest Safety Spectacle, weighing in at an ultra-light 16 grams. The Air’s advanced design allows it to use the world's thinnest lenses at only 1.4mm whilst maintaining medium impact protection.  The ultra-thin lenses also maximize visual clarity.  At 16 grams people may even forget they are wearing a safety spectacle at all.

Partnering the Air is the Force360 EyeFit, another world-first product that personifies comfort. The unique EyeFit has patented FitAll side arms that automatically adjust, and gently hug any head shape ensuring a customized fit. The EyeFit remains securely in place even under rigorous head movements. The floating lens offers extended lateral coverage and exceptional air movement around the face. The Eye-Fi is the safety spec for all faces and is ideal in hot and humid locations.

Rounding off the world's first product is the Force360 24/7.

The 24/7 safety spectacle is designed to combat sidearm pressure that is sometimes experienced when wearing safety eyewear for extended periods. It is the first-ever safety spectacle featuring the unique FitLok switch system. A simple twist of the FitLok switch adjusts the side arm’s width. The wearer can start the day off with a tighter more secure fit and adjust the fit for a more relaxed feel for later in the day. A safety spectacle designed to be worn 24/7.

Unlike many other safety spectacles on the market today all of Force360 FPR eyewear, across all lens tints are constructed with UV400 polycarbonate rather than UV385. Just like our gloves with UPF50+ protection; the UV400 polycarbonate ensures that 100% of the sun's damaging rays are blocked from reaching the eyes.  UV385 does not block all of these, so it pays to only wear UV400 safety eyewear.

The Force360 Air, EyeFit, 24/7 all come in various lens shades to suit most applications. All boast Force360s exclusive Diamond Tech hard coating and HydroTech AF coating


These are just some of the exclusive designs and features that define Force360 FPR safety eyewear and offer a real comfort point of difference for the wearer.

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