Hand Protection

The Force360 point of difference in gloves is compelling.
Force360 have certified their complete range of Mechanics and Synthetic gloves to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2161.2 and AS/NZS 2161.3

What does this mean for the wearer? Until now almost every glove in the Australian market claims compliance to EN388 for Mechanical Scores and a few may claim compliance to EN420 for General Requirements.

Compliance claims are simply not reliable. Factories can change materials or production standards, and glove brands can even change factories. There isn’t even an obligation to batch-test products, or audit manufacturing when simply claiming compliance to EN388 and EN420.

Force360 has recognized the weakness in such compliance claims and the potential risks it poses to end-users and suppliers alike. We have engaged SAI Global to test and certify every aspect of our glove range, from the raw material used, to design and construction, mechanical scores, and most importantly to the factories manufacturing processes and social compliance practices.

Do your gloves hold Australian Standards?
Force360 holds AS/NZS 2161.2 certification which tests for the following:
Innocuousness: This test ensures gloves are free from any dangerous chemicals or substances that may harm the wearer. PH and chromium levels must also fall within specified parameters. Every component material must be tested

Finger Dexterity: Critical for wearer productivity and wearer safety. Dexterity must be within specific parameters

Sizing and Fit: Critical for wearer comfort, productivity, and ultimately wearer safety

Product markings and Instructions: The wearer of the gloves should always know as much about the glove they are about to wear and use. Instructions on how to use the gloves correctly along with care instructions and limitations are all included.

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