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BTECH® HOTWORK Harness Nomex/Kevlar Australian Certified


BTS Product Code: BTH1000K - Hot Work Nomex / Kevlar full body harness c/w front and rear fall attachment points and cool mesh back.

The BTECH® Hot Work Nomex / Kevlar full body harness is manufactured using Nomex® webbing with Kevlar® inner cordage and Kevlar® stitching. It is deigned to be used in an application where heat or sparks may be present or welding is being performed. 
When a product made with Kevlar® fiber is engineered with Nomex® fiber, the result is an excellent thermal protection, strength and durability.


Fall Arrest - Use in conjunction with our Nomex / Kevlar lanyard attached to the front loops or rear D ring.
Restraint Technique - Use in conjunction with an adjustable energy absorbing lanyard to rear D ring or front loops to limit access to fall situations.
Recovery & Rescue - Using both front loops connected together.


    • Light-weight, colour fast Nomex webbing with inner Kevlar cordage.
    • Front and rear fall arrest attachment points.
    • Fully adjustable leg, shoulder and chest straps.
    • Quick release buckles on chest strap and legs.
    • Rear D ring and front fall arrest rated loops.
    • RFID chip for smart tracking.
    • Manufactured to AS/NZS1891.1-2007 and 3rd party certified by Global Mark.
    • Trauma straps (optional).


      Chlorine bleach or chlorine generating chemicals should not be used with Kevlar®.