Auto Descender Kit

  • $345.00

BTS Product Code: MRG9N-20 - Auto descender kit c/w 12mm x 20m Kermantle rope, double action karabiner safety hooks & bag.

Rescue devices are used to extract people whose means of exit via stairs, ladders or elevators is blocked by fires, gases or other unforeseeable events. Rescue devices are equipped with centrifugal force brakes, which provide a constant controlled descent speed for the persons being rescued. The devices are constructed so that the braking unit works completely independently of the rope unit. This guarantees smooth functioning even in bad weather conditions. No additional person is needed for the controlled descent.

The MRG9N is a controlled descent device, which has been specifically designed for use by a competent person who has been trained in its use, and who may be faced with evacuation from an elevated workplace.
The MRG9N is designed to descend one or more persons, one after the other (maximum load 150kg) from heights up to 160 metres.
The MRG9N can be used in the vertical or horizontal axis. The MRG9N once loaded, will “free run” automatically at 0.8 metres per second, lowering the person at a controlled constant speed.

We can supply this product to fitted with a specific length of kernmantle rope and hooks to meet your requirements.


Maximum descent: 100 metres
Maximum load: 150 kilograms
Minimum load: 30 kilograms
Descent speed: 0.8 metres per second
Rope size: 11mm Kernmantle
Service classification: Multi use, inspect after evacuation
Operating temperature: -30°C to + 40°C
Class: A for EN 341



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