BTS Thern Commander 500 Davit Crane Complete Kit WLL 294Kg C/W BHW1800 Winch 18m Wire Rope & Lifting Hook Pedestal Base

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Match your crane to the size of your load! The world’s most popular line of portable davit cranes now offers all of the features you’ve come to appreciate in an even lighter model, perfect for smaller loads.

This Kit comes with

  • BTS Thern 500 Davit
  • BTS BHW1800 Winch
  • 18mx6mm 7x19 G2070 HDG Wire Rope Assembly c/w G80 Eye Swivel Safety Hook
  • Pedestal Base


  • Load ratings up to 294 kg
  • Optional winch Manual  Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Operation
  • Rotates 360º
  • Quick-Disconnect Anchor
  • Available in 5 finishes
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty
  • Winch and base is optional

NOTE: Performance ratings and lift below floor level distances vary depending upon boom position, base configuration, winch and wire rope assembly. The information found here covers the majority of those variables which are necessary to make an informed selection of the appropriate crane configuration for the intended application. For more information or assistance, please contact one of our experts at 1-800-843-7648. IMPORTANT: It is the owner’s or operator’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the equipment to its intended use. Study all applicable codes, manuals and regulations. Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual supplied with the equipment before operating it.Commander 500 Performance SpecsCommander 500 Lift Below Floor Level

Commander 500 Dimensions