Gripps Bungee Tether Triple-Action - 7.0kg | 15lbs

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Lightweight and built to last, the Bungee Tether Triple-Action is as reliable as it is functional.

One of our most popular pieces of kit across all industries, the Bungee Tether Triple-Action features a triple-action carabiner and elasticised webbing made from heavy-duty polyester.

Along with being incredibly lightweight, the elastic properties of the durable bungee material absorbs the downward force from a dropped tool.

When arresting the fall of a dropped tool, the Bungee Tether Triple-Action extends up to 40cm/16" to absorb the downward force from a dropped tool, stabilising the user while protecting against bounce-back.

Key Features

  • Triple-action carabiner mounted on a swivel head.
  • Lightweight & compact design.
  • Heavy-duty elasticised webbing.
  • Force absorption & bounce-back protection.
  • Textured tail loop that connects to tool or anchor point.


    • Min Length: 90cm / 35"
    • Max Length: 1.3m / 51"
    • Max Load: 7.0kg / 15lbs
    • Triple-Action Carabiner
    • Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018


    Bungee Tether Triple-Action -Tech Spec Sheet