Self Retracting Lifeline with Self Rescue

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The IKAR Self Retracting Lifeline with Self Rescue is ideal for applications where rescue is required to reduce the opportunity of suspension trauma occurring in a suspended person in the event of a fall. In the event of a fall, the internal brakes activates the same as a traditional SRL and the unit arrests the falling person. Once the person's fall is completely arrested the Self Rescue Unit automatically starts extending the steel wire rope line and lowers the person down to the ground or other suitable landing.

Part No.

Cable Type

Housing Weight
HAS 9 9.0m Steel rope Aluminium
HAS 18 18.0m Steel rope Aluminium 11.0 kg
HAS 30

30.0m Steel rope

Aluminium 15.0 kg


HAS 9 (Front) HAS 9 (Side)

HAS 18 (Front) HAS 18 (Side)
HAS 30 (Front) HAS 30 (Side)