Single Arm Tool-Hitch - 16kg | 35lbs

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Suitable for 'open' or 'closed' power tools, the Single Arm Tool-Hitch has a simple choking mechanism that creates a secure and robust tool connection point.

For 'closed' tools, such as a power saw, the Single Arm Tool-Hitch can loop through itself to create a choke.

For 'open' tools, such as a power drill, the Single Arm Tool-Hitch is secured against sliding up or down the handle by securing the single-arm with V-Gripp Tape.

Key Features

  • Creates a load rated tool connection point for both 'open' & 'closed' tools.
  • Tactical grade Nylon for maximum strength.


    • Max Load: 16kg / 35lbs
    • Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018

    Single Arm Tool-Hitch-Tech Spec Sheet