SmithLight Traveller-R portable and rechargeable lighting system with up to 10 hours of battery run time.

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The SmithLight Traveller-R is a safe, portable and rechargeable lighting system with up to 10 hours of battery run time.

This fully contained lighting system incorporates a maintenance free sealed battery that can be charged from either 100/11/240V, 50/60Hz AC power or 12/24V DC as standard and can be operated whilst in the charging mode.

The design of the traveller-r makes it as easy to use as an everyday carry case, simply press the locking button on the handle to lift and operate.

The Traveller is well suitable for many applications including Mining, Utilities, Marine, Trades, Recreational and 4WD Activities.



  • Very low heat level is generated by the light source.
  • UV and salt water resistant.
  • Contains internal storage compartment for charging cables.
  • Low battery Alarm and LED charge level indicator for battery protection.
  • Body is manufactured from automotive type ABS PA-747.
  • Non-slip rubber sole fitted to base for added protection and stability.
  • Remote control included in unit.



Gross weight                                                         6.3KG
Light head                                                             LED 1 side
Rated power (w)                                                  7W
Number of LED’s                                                  120
Lumen**                                                               720
Colour temperature (K)                                      600-7000K
Colour rendering index                                      ≥ 75
Working voltage                                                   12VDC
Battery type                                                          VRLA
Battery capacity                                                   7AH
Battery dimensions                                              151x65x101mm
Battery run time (Fully charged)                       10hrs*
Battery charging time                                          9Hrs
Standby time                                                         20-45 Days
Charging method                                                 AC or DC
Charging Input                                                      AC100/110/240V, DC 12/24V
Outside material                                                  ABS PA-747
Lens material                                                        Polycarbonate
Storage temperature & humidity                      -15C to 40C, 5-95%
Operating temperature & humidity                 0C to 40C, 5-80%
Protection grade                                                  IP65
**Lumen Rating at source                                                 *Ratings based on theoretical values
All Data are calculated based on operation temperature at 25C