BTS Trailer Edge Protection System Mobile 3m Long x 2.5m High

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BTS Product Code: BTSLJM101 - Trailer edge protection system 3m x 2.5m.

The Flat Bed Trailer Edge Protection System (TEPS) is designed to fit and lock between a wide range of truck trailer combs and tie down rails, the design accommodates the vertical movement in a trailer as it is loaded and unloaded.

Each panel is 3.0m long and 2.5m high and with a weight of approx. 15kg which allows the unit to be easily picked up by 2 operators and positioned next to the trailer or on smooth floor surfaces like warehouses, wheeled over to the truck and locked into position. The system when not in use can be nestled within each other as to not utilise high levels of floor space.

Part No. Description
BTSLJM101 Trailer Edge Protection System 3m x 2.5m