GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit Plus

Wind Technician Kit Plus

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Wind Technician Kit Plus is a premium kit offering a sound selection of transport options, a vast array of connectors, multiple anchor points and several robust tethers.

Transport your tools high up on any wind turbine with our compact champion bag of the GRIPPS range, the Mule Tool Backpack boasting an impressive 80kg max lifting load. Though where would you be without your essential climbing gear? Utilize the Lockjaw Climbers Bag, and carry an additional 10kg of weight with comfort.

The convenience of a Lockjaw Riggers Bag is also included, ideal for wearing on your work belt, to keep your essential small tools ready at hand. 

With tethers ranging in max loads of 7kg to 36kg, virtually any necessary tool for the job can be safely secured. You can even secure small tools to your own person using the GRIPPS Adjustable wrist anchors! 

Lastly, one of the most popular items among any trade is the Phone Gripper - a simple yet MUST HAVE item for any individual working at height. As a professional technician of Wind Turbines, you won't be disappointed by this kit! Get climbing and get the job done safely using a GRIPPS Wind Technician Kit Plus.

Kit Contents

  • 1x Mule Tool Backpack
  • 1x Lockjaw Climbers Bag
  • 1x Lockjaw Riggers Bag
  • 2x Adjustable Wrist Anchor with Tool Tether
  • 2x Bungee Tether Dual Carabiner Dual Action 7kg
  • 10 x Tool Ring 19mm
  • 10 x Tool Ring 25mm
  • 10 x Tool Ring 38mm
  • 10x Screw Lock Cable 3mm x 15cm
  • 10x Tool Catch 12mm x 55mm
  • 10x Tool Catch 25mm x 90mm
  • 2x Roll V-Gripp Tape
  • 1x Phone Gripper with tether (non-conductive)
  • 2x Little Gripper Kits with Griplinks
  • 2x Battery Catch Holster
  • 2x Steel Cable Retractor Units - .7kg each
  • 1x Tool Hitch 16kg (H01055)
  • 1x Single Arm Tool-Hitch 16kg (H01056)
  • 1x Dual Arm Tool-Hitch 16kg (H01057)
  • 1x Economy Work Belt
  • 1x Webbing Tether extra Heavy Duty Dual-Action 36.9kg each
  • 1x Webbing Tether Heavy Duty Dual Action 15.9kg each
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