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BTS & Redspear Media Release

BTS & Redspear Distributor Agreement Media Release

Beaver Technology Services (BTS), an Australian owned company that specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative engineered industrial safety fall protection products has entered into a distributor agreement for the supply of its products and services with Perth based Aboriginal owned safety company, Redspear Safety.

Beaver Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chris Di Losa and Redspear Safety Managing Director Mr. Barry McGuire signed and announced the agreement when both parties met in Sydney last week.

Mr Di Losa said that “BTS was extremely proud to be associated with Redspear Safety and is honoured to be the in a position to provide our wide ranging safety fall protection product solutions to the many clients of Redspear Safety.”

“Redspear Safety is proud to be partnering with a local Australian company with innovative, engineered safety fall protection solutions as it not only enables us to expand and improve our total offering to our client base but also brings together two organisations whose values are aligned,” said Redspear Safety Managing Director Mr. Barry McGuire.

“The venture is committed to delivering economic, employment and social benefits to the many Aboriginal nations across Western Australia”, said Mr McGuire.

Mr. Chris Di Losa, CEO of BTS further commented on the benefits of this agreement which would allow Redspear Safety to realise opportunities for future training scholarships and economic opportunities for Aboriginal people and the continuous promotion of industrial safety fall protection solutions into a range of heavy industrial and mining workplaces across WA and beyond.

“The synergy between BTS and Redspear Safety is further demonstrated by BTS providing its considerable expertise in the design and manufacture of engineered fall protection solutions and Redspear Safety bringing with it a stellar track record of cultural awareness and safety practices so deeply rooted in Aboriginal Culture. These work together in ensuring that workplace health and safety is continuously improved and that all Australians have access to best in class fall protection solutions.” BTS CEO Mr Chris Di Losa said.

“We believe that this distributorship will produce the expected results and have absolute faith in the management team at Redspear to deliver to their potential. It is further envisaged that in years to come we will be able to provide access to employment opportunities and training to enable people to make a better life for themselves, their children and the community more broadly.” Mr Di Losa said.

Beaver Technology Services (BTS) a member of the Beaver Group is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of innovative engineered safety product solutions for industrial fall protection and rescue.

Redspear Safety aims to be the leading supplier of safety equipment and materials to a broad range of sectors across Australia. As an Aboriginal owned business, Redspear Safety seeks to combine cultural and physical safety to ensure that the best possible safety solutions can be provided wherever and whenever required.

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