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BTS Container Post System for 20Ft and 40Ft Containers

The BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post system is designed to provide a limited free fall arrest system for working on top of a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. It can either be used on its own as a limited free fall arrest anchor or in conjunction with a Horizontal Lifeline System depending on the demand of the work being carried out on the container.

The anchor post is designed to utilize the corner castings on the container as the installation point for the system.
There are restrictions and limitations that must be carefully considered in the selection, installation and operation of this equipment.

Shipping Container Anchor Post (CBPOST18KN) – dynamically tested to 18kN as per section of AS/NZS5532:2013 and statically tested to 18kN as per section 6.3.1 of AS/NZS5532:2013.

CE 706762