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IKAR Rescue / Recovery Winches 12m-65m.Type 3 SRL. AS/NZS1891.3

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches

IKAR height-safety devices with rescue hoisting facilities are equipped with a winching unit, Type 3 SRL to AS/NZS1891.3. In case of a rescue after a fall, the person who has suffered the accident can be rescued quickly and safely. The unit is completely closed. All parts are made from stainless steel, aluminium or shockproof plastic.

Part No. Cable Type Housing Weight
HRA 12 12m Steel rope Aluminium 7.0 kg
HRA 18 18m Steel rope Aluminium 11.5 kg
HRA 24 24m Steel rope Aluminium 16.0 kg
HRA 33 30m Steel rope Aluminium 21.0 kg
HRA 42 42m Steel rope Aluminium 40.0 kg
HRA 65 65m Steel rope Aluminium 43.0 kg



Part No. S30

Winch chain drive, available for all HRA devices

The winch chain enables easy use of the winch in the HRA device, even if the load point is located very high.

Part No. 54/WHG

HRA wall holder, available for all HRA devices

Quick-release HRA wall holder for wall mounting all HRA devices from 9.5m - 24m.