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BTS IKAR Self Retracting Lifelines 2m-24m Aluminium & Plastic Housing Webbing Wire Rope

Self Retracting Lifelines

IKAR SRL's incorporate a web or steel-rope lifeline that habitually extends and retracts allowing the user unhindered movement and mobility around the work areas. In the event of the fall, the internal brakes activate and the unit arrests the falling person within 600mm and limits the arresting force passed onto the worker's body.

All units are manufactured either in aluminium or shockproof plastic and feature 360° rotational top eye to eliminate the twisting of the unit webbing or steel-rope lifeline whilst in use.

IKAR SRL's are available with either Stainless Steel or Galvanised 3/16" Cable and on smaller models in Webbing Strap.

Part No. Cable Type Housing Weight
HWB 2 2.0m Web Aluminium 0.8 kg
HWB 2,5 2.5m Web Aluminium 1.2 kg
HWB 3,5 3.5m Web Aluminium 1.4 kg
HWPB 3,5 3.5m Web Plastic 1.2 kg
HWPB 5,5 5.5m Web Plastic 1.5 kg
HWPB 7 7.0m Web Plastic 1.8 kg
HWPB 9 9.0m Web Plastic 2.3 kg
HWPB 12 12.0m Web Plastic 3.4 kg
HWPB 15 15.0m Web Plastic 4.8 kg
HWS 4,5 4.5m Steel rope Aluminium 2.7 kg
HWS 6 6.0m Steel rope Aluminium 3.0 kg
HWS 9 9.0m Steel rope Aluminium 3.7 kg
HWS 12 12.0m Steel rope Aluminium 5.4 kg
HWS 18 18.0m Steel rope Aluminium 6.9 kg
HWS 24 24.0m Steel rope Aluminium 8.4 kg
HWPS 3 3.0m Steel rope Plastic 1.9 kg
HWPS 4,5 4.5m Steel rope Plastic 2.1 kg
HWPS 6 6.0m Steel rope Plastic 2.5 kg
HWPS 9 9.0m Steel rope Plastic 3.2 kg
HWPS 12 12.0m Steel rope Plastic 4.9 kg
HWPS 18 18.0m Steel rope Plastic 6.3 kg
HWPS 24 24.0m Steel rope Plastic 7.3 kg