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Black Girder Clamps 1T & 2T - Entertainment 75-230mm beam width.

by PRO-3G
Girder Clamp

BTS Product Code: 270010YB - 1T black painted girder clamp 75-230mm beam width.
BTS Product Code: 270020YB - 2T black painted girder clamp 75-230mm beam width.

Specifically designed to provide a permanent or non-permanent lifting or anchor point for attachment to universal beams and girders.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable to fit an extensive range of beams and RSJ girders from 75mm up to 230mm flange width.
  • For improved safety the threaded adjustment screws are each secured by a recessed allen head screw which in turn locks the adjustment bar in position with a copper flat.
  • Damage or stress to the flange is avoided by the unique jaw design which transfers the load away from the edge of the flange.
  • Reduced head room is achieved with the integrated load bar.
  • Rugged all steel construction for reliability and long service life.
  • Finished in custom black enamel.
  • Each PRO-3G Girder Clamp has an individual serial number on the identification plate as well as stamped on the side of the clamp.
  • A Test Certificate is supplied with each clamp showing all relevant details for tracing and test reference to the manufacturer.
  • Factory tested and loaded to 150% of the rated capacity before shipping.
  • Complies with AS4991:2004.