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BTS Load Scale Lever Hoist 1T 1.5m c/w Carry Case


BTS Product Code: XZC-1015

Prevent Accidents, never overload again!

  • The included indicator on the hoist shows immediately the weight of the load being lifted.
  • Only hoist on the market that gives reliable readings when you are approaching overload, mechanical overload protectors do not protect the hoist from actual overloading but react after an overload.
  • If the load being lifted is over hoist capacity the display shows the text “OVER”.
  • You can choose between kg / lbs for the display.
  • Simple to operate as a normal crane scale.
  • 1000kg Working Load Limit.
  • Every unit has been tested to 1.5 x WLL.
  • The included display uses normal AA battery, running time about 150 work hours.
  • Battery energy saving system as standard turns off when not being used.
  • Ball bearing mechanisms located inside hoist and hooks for easy use.
  • Large new generation eye hooks.
  • Standard lifting height of 1.5m.
  • Packed in a strong metal & plastic box with handle for easy storage.
Code: XZC-1015 XZC-2015
Capacity in tonne T 1 2
Lift in metres Mtr 1.5 1.5
Test Load T 1.25 2.5
Pull on Lever to lift full load Kg 14 22
No. of load chain falls 1 1
Diameter of load chain Mm 6 8
Min distance between hooks Mm 400 460
Thickness of body A 148 172
Distance between Hook and front B 90 98
Width of body C 136 160
Length of lever handle mm D 250 320
Hook inner Diameter 37 44
Hook opening E 30 38
Net Weight kg