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SLINGTECH Round Slings 1T-50T 1m-8m Australian Standards AS 4497


.SLINGTECH Polyester Round Slings

SLINGTECH Polyester Round Slings are made from high-quality synthetic materials; they are manufactured and tested to Australian Standards AS 4497 and are constructed from high-tenacity continuous multifilament polyester fibre strands enclosed in a hard-wearing seamless sleeve.

SLINGTECH Round slings are colour coded to their specific safe working load. Round slings are used for lifting where it is necessary to protect the load from damage, such as objects with a smooth or polished surface. SLINGTECH Round slings are ideal for lifting objects in a choke position such as tubes and pipes, due to their low stretch.

SLINGTECH Endless round slings are the most cost-effective sling to purchase. All slings have a working load limit (WLL) which is the maximum load that can be applied in tension, taking into account the mode of connection used, and the nature of the load to be lifted.

Colour Coded to meet International lifting Standards


Safety Inspection I.D. Tag Protection

All SLINGTECH Round slings are manufactured with Safety Label protective covers to prevent snagging and damage to the Safety Label. The Safety Label can be uncovered and easily read by simply sliding back the protective cover.