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Black Integral Push Girder Trolley & Clamp 2T 75mm-200mm beam width.

by PRO-3G

BTS Product Code: 270020YTEB - 2T black paint integral push girder trolley and clamp 75-200mm beam width. 

A safe and secure attachment point to overhead girders that provides easy movement along the girder when re-positioning is required.

Suitable for mounting most types of electric hoists, chain and lever blocks or other related equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to operate on a variety of beam types (RSJ, UB and WC).
  • Anti-derailment end plates incorporated into the design for additional safety.
  • Trolley wheels incorporate pre-greased roller bearings for easy movement.
  • Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of flange widths from 75 to 200mm.
  • Integrated load bar for reduced headroom.
  • Zinc plated threaded spindle mechanism for long term corrosion protection.
  • All steel construction for durability.
  • Custom finished in black enamel.
  • The easy-lock lever secures the spindle against the side plate preventing any movement along the beam.
  • All PRO-3G Integral Push Trolley & Girder Clamps are stamped with an individual serial number and are supplied with a Test Certificate that relates to that number.
  • Factory tested to 150% of the rated capacity with results shown on the Test Certificate.
  • Complies with AS1418.2.      



Rated Capacity tonnes Adjustable Beam Width Net Weight kg
2 75 - 200 9.9
Dimensions shown in mm
A D E I L L1 M O P T t max.
106-155 42 20 71.5 260 130 M18 60 205 139 25