PRO-4G Chain Blocks 500kg-20T 3m & 6m Overload Clutch System

PRO-4G Chain Blocks 500kg-20T 3m & 6m Overload Clutch System

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The PRO-4G Industrial Chain Block incorporates a Patent Pending overload clutch system to protect the operator from serious injury and possible damage to the hoist or property if the load exceeds the rated capacity.

Key Features

  • Innovative design, with minimum effort required to raise the load and minimize fatigue.
  • All steel construction with an enclosed gearbox and mechanism for increased durability and long life.
  • The clutch system allows the load to be lowered safely in the event of an overload.
  • Weather protected Weston brake fitted with asbestos free brake discs and twin pawls.
  • The load chain is made of wear resistant, alloy steel Grade T(80), black oxidized finish, heat treated and calibrated.
  • Both top and bottom hooks fitted with cast steel safety latches. Powder coated finish for durability in most environments.
  • Additional lift heights are available on request to customers’ requirements.
  • Every BTS PRO4G Industrial Chain Block is operationally tested to its rated capacity and supplied with a BTS test certificate and Safety Instruction / Operation Manual.
  • All PRO-4G Industrial Hoists comply to Australian Standard AS1418.2.