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BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post

Container Anchor Post

Please note you will require 2 container posts to complete a system

BTS Product Code: CBPOST18KN - Shipping container anchor post 18kN.

The BTS Shipping Container Anchor Post (SCAP) is designed to provide a limited free fall arrest system for working on top of a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. SCAP can either be used on its own as a limited free fall arrest anchor or in conjunction with a Horizontal Lifeline System (HLS) depending on the demand of the work being carried out on the container.

The anchor post is designed to utilize the corner castings on the container as the installation point for the system.
There are restrictions and limitations that must be carefully considered in the selection, installation and operation of this equipment.

Shipping Container Anchor Post (CBPOST18KN) – dynamically tested to 18kN as per section of AS/NZS5532:2013 and statically tested to 18kN as per section 6.3.1 of AS/NZS5532:2013.


GREEN ZONE for SRL-Horizontal Life Line Kit.

YELLOW ZONE for SRL or 600mm Energy absorbing Lanyard 

SAFE WORKING ZONES for SRL-Horizontal Life Line and SRL or 600mm Energy absorbing lanyard.


The SCAP are installed by inserting the bottom of the post into the corner casting of the shipping container. Using the lever on top of the post, (turn anti clockwise to tighten), adjust the locking nut in the container casting such that it sits perpendicular to the opening slot of the cast.

Before using the SCAP, the user needs to be equipped with appropriate PPE and a full body harness compliant to AS/NZS1891.1.

An SRL shall be attached to the SCAP personnel attachment point which gets attached to the harness of the user.
When working close to the edge of the container, the worker shall not be further than 600mm of the installed anchor point. This is the safe working zone to prevent a pendulum effect from occurring in case of a fall.

Additional parts recommended but not included in the HLS Kit

2 x CBPOST18KN – 18kN Removable Shipping Container Anchor Post. 2 x BTECH full body harness compliant to AS/NZS1891.1. 2 x HWDB-2TA – Double fall inertia reel aluminium housing c/w 2 x 2m webbing strap.


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