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SLINGTECH Flat Webbing Slings 1T-6T 0.5m-8m Australian Standards AS 1353

Flat Sling

SLINGTECH Flat Webbing Slings are made from quality synthetic materials; they are manufactured and tested to Australian Standards AS 1353, which can be supplied with a variety of eye types at each end; these include flat eyes, folded eyes and reversed eyes. 

Each sling comes with a certificate and individual serial numbers.

They are manufactured in double ply for extra safety; made from 100% polyester webbing, the slings are colour coded to the relevant safe working load, and come supplied with test certificates as standard. Webbing slings are commonly used over chains, bundles of timber and wire ropes due to their ability to be more flexible and lighter; they also cause very little damage and help reduce scratching and denting to loads being lifted. All slings have a working load limit (WLL) which is the maximum load that can be applied in tension, taking into account the mode of connection, used and the nature of the load to be lifted.


Types of Folded Eyes