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BTS Weld On Lugs 1.5T-16T Australian Certified Lifting & Lashing Grade 100 Alloy

Weld On Lug

As a high strength attachment point for both lifting and lashing, BTECH-Alloy V Weld-on Lugs offer a permanent solution. Applications for this leading edge product are in all sectors of mining, rail and road transportation, construction, marine and offshore exploration.


  • The Working Load Limit remains constant at any angle of lift.
  • The Lug and Weld Block are made using Grade 100 Alloy Steel, then quenched and tempered.
  • All BTECH-Alloy V Weld-on Lugs are magnetically crack inspected (MPI) after manufacture.
  • BTECH-Alloy V Weld-on Lugs are finished in Powder Coated baked enamel for greater corrosion resistance.
  • Designed to lay flat when not in use.



           Brochure                            Welding Instructions